lundi 20 novembre 2017


As you might already know, I deeply love creating, either it's art, projects or communities. I'm also strongly into things which give the opportunity to women to empower themselves. 
I had such a good time being a part of Inktober and I felt like I was improving my skills everyday and I was surrounded by people who were in the same vibe. We were all together in this boat, supporting each other, waiting to see the next drawings, over and over.
Even if 31 days for an artistic challenge has a lot of good sides, I don't think I would like to do it more than once a year.

It's a 7 days creative challenge which happens in January, with daily prompts.
Everybody is welcome, no matter your gender, your artistic level, your skills or your implication. 
It's a supportive feminist community, where everybody feels empowered and inspired. 
It is NOT a contest. There is no winner, or if there is, it's every single one of us. 
There is no medium restriction. It's open to drawing, painting, digital art, photography, make up, etc. 
The daily prompts are quotes from inspiring alive women feminists.

I'will post them during December, so y'all have time to prepare your participations. 

It'll be quotes from alive inspiring feminists. I think it's important to support alive women.
If quotes can be intimidating as prompts, they can also be really easy to work with. 
You can, of course, use the whole quote, but also just a part, or the woman it came from. It's up to you. Let your creativity and imagination surprise you. 

Every day during the challenge, you post your creation related to the prompt of the day on your favorite social media-s with #Feministary #Feministary2018 so I can find it and post some of them in my instastory of the day and on the Facebook Page so the community can see how badass you are!
It would also be amazing if you share the page with your friends, so they can be a part of the adventure with us!




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